1989 pre-releases


Name: jared
Age: seventeen
Gender: male


Food: nutella & pasta, but never together
Drink: cranberry juice
Book: the interestings, meg wolitzer (honorable mention: americanah, chimamanda ngozi adichie)
Favorite Author: jk rowling
Song: moments, tove lo (honorable mentions: leave your lover, sam smith & anaconda, nicki minaj & carousel, melanie martinez)
Movie: the spectacular now
TV Show: parks & recreation (honorable mentions: scandal & orphan black)
Band: ms mr (honorable mentions: broods & bad suns & haim & disclosure)
Solo Artist: sam smith (honorable mentions: tove lo & sara bareilles & banks & mary lambert & lorde & katy perry & run weaver & )
Place: cape may, nj
School Subject: accounting
Sport: volleyball
Male Actor: aaron paul (honorable mentions: jordan gavaris & peter dinklage)
Female Actor: amy poehler (honorable mentions: shalier woodley & melissa mccarthy & tatiana maslany & sarah paulson)


Best Friends: brooke, kara, daniel, becca, lydia, mackenzie
Significant Other: no
Siblings: Jennifer, the twin
Dream Job: whatever comes with a private jet and requires designer suits
Tattoos: no (but eventually yes)
Piercings: no
Languages: english, basic elements of spanish and latin


Reason Behind URL: chaos follows apathy, so sometimes forcing yourself to avoid attachment only begets more suffering
Reason Behind Icon: colorful, personal, and associated with blissful memories
# of Posts: 10,404
Why You Joined:
 i was searching for images for a school project 
First URL: i think mrknopeitall was 2nd, wide4w4ke was 3rd maybe?…
# of Blogs: 
12 (main blog, journaling blog, secret blog, 5 various, 4 reserved URLs)

I was entirely incapable of concentration. The words on the page before me blurred together, and I lost consciousness. I needed rest, and my body refused to continue unless I provided.

I crawled into my bed. I laid my head gently against the pillow, stared through the crack between the wall and the window blinds that allows slivers of moonlight to enter my room. I shifted my glance to the floor, then turned my gaze to the ceiling. All the details around me seemed so prominent, and my mind refused to be calmed.

I am so lonely. The solitude swallows me. It terrifies me. I can’t bear to stare into this sea of inanimate surroundings. I need rest, and my mind must be calmed, but slumber is impossible when you’re all that’s on my mind.

How can my body so quickly defy itself when the mind faces a simple distraction?

I need rest, but I need you too.

Denying me the pleasures I strive to provide for you doesn’t help this relationship at all.

Fill In These Things About You


Name: Jared
Birthday: March 28
Height: 5’7”
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
A random fact about you: I’m a twin.
Favorite band: Maroon 5
Favorite song: Human Contact, Catey Shaw (but it will change within a week I’m sure)
Favorite food: bread + Nutella
Favorite season: FALL
Favorite animal: elephants? I love many species…
Favorite movie: The Spectacular Now
Are you currently in a relationship?: no
Anything you need to work on?: I allow circumstances to have too much control over my happiness.
Who ended your last relationship?: *I have had none*
Are you friends with your ex?: *I have none*
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: taller
Dark hair or light hair?: dark
Smart or attractive?: smart
Is creativity attractive?: abiwhefdsdfjk YES OF COURSE
Do you care how much money they have?: no
Your last phone call: Mom
Your last text: Mackenzie
The last thing you ate: German chocolate cupcake
The last thing you drank: water
The last song you listened to: Anaconda, Nicki Minaj (because I’m a trashy hoe)
The last book you read: Brilliance, Marcus Sakey
The last movie you watched: That Awkward Moment
Do you play any instruments?: saxophone and piano
What are you pets’ names?: *I have none*
Your favorite board game: Taboo (which is technically cards, but I say it counts)
A random childhood memory: I remember returning to my second-grade class after an optometry appointment where my eyes had been dilated, and even though my sight was under such strain, all I wanted to do when I got back was read, so I read and thus my head hurt terribly.
Places you would like to visit: Germany and France (again), Spain, Italy, England, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, India, Nepal, Israel, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Chile, 
Your favorite color to wear: shades of gray; heathers and denims that are varied hues of one color